Custom Tables

Custom Tables

I built this small breakfast table out of a material called wenge (win-gee).  Certainly not a cheap (or easy to get) material.  In my case, I had it in the attic for quite a while, and wanted to make something big, since most people only make small things out of it.

Ok, so it isn’t likely that you have a bunch of wenge laying around, but you might want a table that you just can’t seem to find in the catalogs or stores.  Whats more, finding anything made from solid wood is next to impossible these days.

If you are a purist, and don’t like the sound of “MDF with veneer” being your table, call me to discuss options.  Of course, lots of wood species are available.


Have a look at some of the pics from the build.

Future Table Top



Legs and apron

breadboard mortise

Apron glued

breadboard tenon

Table complete

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