Ipe decking, indoors.

Ipe decking, indoors.

Thanks to the Cullman Wellness and Aquatic Center for allowing me to help on the interior decorating for the indoor pool area.  This ipe (e-pay) decking is a perfect fit on this radius wall, because the humidity in the indoor pool area would certainly rot most other wood species.  In addition to being naturally insect and rot resistant, ipe is known for its durability in harsh environments.  It’s so dense, that it sinks in water, and actually has naturally occurring silica (silica is what glass is made of), so needless to say, this stuff is hard!  It feels more like fiberglass than wood, and bends like it too!

Naturally dark, ipe tends to resist staining, and will turn grey after years of sun exposure, but it will keep the rich coloration for many years if kept indoors.  Attempts to stain it are usually met in failure, as well as coating it with wood sealer.  For the most part, it is best to leave it as is, and why wouldn’t you?  Ipe can last twice as long as treated pine, even with regular maintenance on the pine, and nothing on the ipe!

So if you find yourself at the Cullman Wellness and Aquatic Center, be sure and have a look at the ipe on the wall.  Maybe you can have a greater appreciation for this “super wood”.

If you are interested in having something made from ipe, contact me to discuss some ideas and options.



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