Pergolas and Arbors

Pergolas and Arbors

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I can build a pergola on concrete slab, or sink the posts right into the ground, whatever fits your need.  So whether you want yours on the pool patio, or set in the garden, I can deliver.  Let me help you design the perfect pergola for your home, transforming your back yard into a summer retreat.

The Posts in ground was built to grow a climbing rose that had been planted by the mother of the homeowner, but it could easily support the tremendous weight of a mature wisteria vine.  This one day project will last for many years with very little maintenance.

The Posts on a slab was designed to provide a bit of shade to a patio, and planting posts in the ground was not an option.  While not able to support the heaviest climbers, lots of other climbing vines would do great.  The optional lattice was added to give slower growing vines something to cling to when planted.

If you are looking for maintenance free, maybe a PVC board construction is for you.  Call me today to have yours built.


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